because there's power in numbers.


people are lazy. that's okay — we're lazy too. we wanted to streamline digital civic engagement, wherein all that you need to do to make your voice heard is to tap a few buttons. that's what we're here for. once you enter your name and area of residence below, you'll be able to inform representatives, employers, authorities — you name it — about your feelings surrounding a given issue, all with a clicks of a button. your information will be pre-filled in the email templates, so all you have to do is click send. if you want to make a call, you can use that handy dandy email template to provide some clear talking points. easy, right? let's get started :)

(pssst! if you're seeing ads, don't be alarmed! we're donating 100% of proceeds to BLM organizations in need, and will be publishing receipt on a separate page. thanks for stopping by!)

We'll never share your information with anyone else. In fact, we actually have no way of tracking it!
This extra step will make it harder for officials to ignore our voices.
For example: Racism is running rampant throughout the United States. Use your position of power to stand up for marginalized individuals in your community.

removals + expulsions

demanding the removal or expulsion of people who have taken part in harmful, discrimanatory actions

contacting authorities

demanding government officials, schools, and NGO + corporate leaders to adopt more just practices

obtaining justice

demanding justice for those whose cases have not been given fair and just review